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Our Philosophy

Welcome to EMC Clima Skin Care
The first ever skin care products which protect, hydrate and moisturize your skin under the exact climate you live in at any given time.

EMC is founded upon the principle* that same skin types react differently under different climate conditions. Each climate poses different requirements on our skin and our skin care needs to adapt accordingly in order to be effective. We carried out research to determine the precise differences amongst all climatic zones and their impact on your skin, aiming to create a revolutionary line of skin care products that are responsive to these conditions.

Based on this research, EMC’s founder, Chemist Angeliki Sotiri BSc, created a brand new line of skin care products that boost your skin’s health, taking into account the exact needs of your skin type in the precise climate zone you work and live in.

All are 100% natural, vegan, do not contain parabens, do not contain mineral oils & synthetic colros.
They are microbiologically & dermatologically tested.