LA DEZ Scented Body Butter Candle

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Essential oils for use directly on the skin. Selected for the Desert climate.

Optimized for:

  • Desert climate
  • All skintypes
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An aromatic blend of butters and oils that melts gently into your skin, as the mingle with the aromas and senses of the desert. A revolutionary recipe that will surprise you with its clever dual use:

  • Burn the candle to release the relaxing oils in the room
  • Apply on your skin to naturally moisturize and gently scent it.

Instructions for use

Light the wax and let the butter and body oil mixture melt. Then using a wooden spoon provided, get a quantity and gently apply it directly onto your skin avoiding the face. Feel the warm butter envelop you, relaxing your scenes. Your body will feel moisturized and will be scented with an aesthetic Desert aroma. If you have not got the time for the full experience, you can simply light the candle and let the Desert scent bring back memories.
For use indoors.


A mix of natural butters and oils blended with cayenne pepper scent and Ylang Ylang essential oil.

Extra tip

It creates a pleasant atmosphere in your room with its soothing aroma and warm candle light.


2 reviews for LA DEZ Scented Body Butter Candle


    Απίστευτο άρωμα που διαρκεί ώρες !!!!μοναδικη καινοτομία με τη διπλή χρησΗ που ενυδατώνει τέλεια το δέρμα και δημιουργεί ηρεμία στον χώρο !!!!!

  2. Ιωάννα

    Το αγαπημένο μου προϊόν! Αφήνει το δέρμα παρά πολύ απαλό και έχει απίστευτο άρωμα! Συγχαρητήρια!

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