Ocean Scented Body Butter Candle


An aromatic blend of butters and oils that melts gently into your skin, while filling the atmosphere with its exquisite Ocean scent. A revolutionary recipe that will surprise you with its clever dual use:

  • Burn the candle to release the relaxing oils in the room
  • Apply on your skin to naturally moisturize and gently scent it.
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The innovative composition of the new line of body waxes offers a unique experience of deep hydration! EMC Skin Care body waxes contain 100% pure natural soy wax, shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E, ingredients very nourishing for all skin types. The perfumes we use are natural blends of essential oils which are prepared in our laboratories.

The experience begins by lighting the wick of the candle, immediately creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere as the aromas permeate the space. The new composition of the wax allows it to turn into a rich oil as it melts, which you can spread on your body and massage in slow circular motions enjoying the wonderful feeling it leaves. Immediately after the first applications, you will feel an improvement in blood circulation, strengthening of the muscular system, and combined with the release of oxytocin, the love hormone, you will feel relief from anxiety and stress. The fat-dissolving properties of waxes are an ally against cellulite and localized fat.

EMC Skin Care body waxes are a unique gift proposition as they come in a lovely gift box, to lovingly gift this experience to your loved ones.


A mix of natural butters and essentials oils blended with ocean scent.

Extra tip

It creates a pleasant atmosphere in your room with its soothing aroma and warm candle light.



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