The original Konjac Sponge

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Pure Complexion
Deep Cleansing
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Konjac sponge, suitable for all skin types. Ideal for sensitive skin.
The konjac sponge cleanses the skin with exceptional softness.
Gently removes impurities from the skin as well as excess sebum without irritating the skin or destabilizing its PH.
The mechanical circular motion that takes place during cleansing acts on the imperfections of the skin and promotes cell renewal.
Konjac sponge allows effective cleansing and gentle exfoliation of the skin and thus the skin becomes soft and radiant.

The authentic and highest quality Konjac sponges, which are available worldwide, are certified vegan and cruelty free. These are the most effective Korean sponges, for deep cleansing, exfoliation and radiance, even for the most sensitive skin. They are so soft and velvety that they are the most suitable sponges for newborns.

Enjoy a perfect, clean and radiant skin!
Replace every 6 weeks

How to use

The sponge is always used wet.Rinse the Konjac sponge in warm water before first use.For subsequent uses, immerse the sponge in a little water until it swells.Then squeeze lightly to remove excess water (do not squeeze, just squeeze.)

Gently massage into damp skin in a circular motion to remove dead cells and thoroughly cleanse. It can be used alone or with a small amount of your usual facial cleanser to increase its effectiveness.

Finally, rinse the sponge and let it dry in fresh air.

It can also be used to remove face masks.


Konjac sponge is made from fiber, from Amorphophallus Konjac, a plant from Asia. This plant has been consumed in Japan for over 1,500 years.
But for over a century, women in Japan have been using konjac as a beauty ritual for their sensitive skin.
The facial cleansing sponge is 100% naturally made from konjac roots without the addition of dyes.

Extra tip

Which konjac sponge suits you:

  • In red shade is Suitable for dry sensitive damaged and mature skin The red clay it contains removes dead cells from the surface stimulates microcirculation and restores radiance to the skin.
  • In green shade, it contains green silver or green tea and is suitable for combination skin for the deep cleansing it offers, as well as its enhanced antiseptic and antibacterial action. In addition, it significantly softens and tightens the dilated pores
  • In pink, it is the softest from the collection of konjac sponges and contains pink clay, ie a combination of red and white, which is the ideal gentle cleanser for sensitive skin. Exfoliation, cleanses the pores, eliminates toxins and at the same time, tones and moisturizes the skin.
  • In white shade, The konjac sponge in its original version for every skin type, Cleanses, offers gentle exfoliation, removes any sebum and impurities without disturbing the pH. Used alone or in combination with the cleaning product
  • In black It contains activated carbon bamboo, where the first reports of its use go back to 1486 and the Ming Dynasty – and is recommended for youthful, oily and acne prone skin. Absorbs excess sebum, removes dead cells, balances and prevents the accumulation of bacteria.

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Black, Green, Pink, Red, White

4 reviews for The original Konjac Sponge

  1. Ελένη Χ.

    το σφουγγάρι είναι καταπληκτικό, κάνει πολύ καλή απολέπιση

  2. Caroline

    Amazing !!!!

  3. Chris

    Είναι τελειο
    καθαρίζει πολύ καλά την επιδερμίδα, από την πρώτη κι όλας εφαρμογή

  4. Κέιτ Μ

    I love it. It’s so amazing. Since using it I stopped getting rashes on my face. Also, no more backheads and pores look smaller, skin much smoother and translucent. It just really gets off all your makeup withput any injury or irritation.

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